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Lord Brooke’s Purple Coats [Part III]

19 September, 2013

1-Adding realistic details.

Progress in our English Civil War diorama and our blog adding details to the work. I decided to add a group of dead and dying to diorama to give it more authenticity. I bought a blister of dead and wounded from Warlord Miniatures and chose four different figures.

All underwent a similar transformation to the rest of the miniatures of the work and added some extra details as you can see in the gallery I show below.

I molded with putty several broken patches on clothing, plus bags and other similar details. I also added a plastic beret to the sitting plastic miniature and a sword in its sheath. To fit well, the two plastic parts has been retouched with putty on the joints.

To the dying crawling miniature I’ve added a plastic feather in his hat and a broken pike in his hand. To represent the fight until the last moment, or rather self-defense. It also has added a plastic sword in its sheath.

At two dead miniatures similar contributions were made by adding a small plastic feather to one of them and a sword in the other.

After primed then I decided to paint and here is the final result. Soon more information about the diorama, It is almost ready … See you!


Arqueros Hispanos Lord Brooke’s Purple Coats [Part IV]
Arqueros Hispanos
Lord Brooke’s Purple Coats [Part IV]


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