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Lord Brooke’s Purple Coats [Part IV]

29 September, 2013


After painting dead and wounded models, let´s continue with the rest of the unit. We apply a black primer and then Vallejo acrylic colors. Below I detail the main techniques and colors I used.


The predominant color is Purple (70.959) as it was the color of the uniform of our regiment. However we don´t apply this color to the entirety of the uniforms. Some jackets and pants are painted in green or brown. With this we get the feeling of the difficulties in the regiment to get new uniforms in campaign. If we add the rips in clothing that we create with putty and the patches on knees and elbows painted in a different color, we leverage these feeling.



In the metal parts of the helmets and breastplates we apply Gunmetal Grey (70.863) black lowered to 1:1. We then apply two to three washes Wash for NATO camo vehicles (AK075) intercative AK, leaving enough time to dry between washes. This effect obscure metal parts as they were at that age.


After drying apply the final lights with Gunmetal Grey (70.863), and then a very light only at the tips and rivets of metal parts with Silver (70.997).



For wood on the muskets we applied Flat Brown (70.984). We then apply a wash with very dilute black to be inserted into the holes. The lights have been adding with Orange Brown (70.981). We did two coats to directly implement this last color.

To the wood for cartridges that contain loads that lead the Musketeers we have applied a base of Flat Earth (70.983) mixed with black 1:1. We add more Flat Earth (70.983) to the mix for the lights to pure color and rinsing with Goldbrown (70.877) to directly implement this color.

For the color of the pikes and halberds we applied English Uniform (70.921) rinsing with Beige (70.917) up to the last light with this color directly.


In the following gallery you can see the final result of some of the figures that make up the diorama. Next time: based and final decoration … see you!

Lord Brooke’s Purple Coats [Part III] French Indian War 1754-1763 Warlord Games – Conquest Miniatures
Lord Brooke’s Purple Coats [Part III]
French Indian War 1754-1763 Warlord Games – Conquest Miniatures


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