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Tutorial – Painting Waterloo British Infantry Centre Company

26 November, 2013

This tutorial illustrates how to paint a miniature of British Infantry Centre Company,28mm scale, hard plastic, of Victrix Limited (http://www.victrixlimited.com/) forming part of a battalion of 26 miniatures that you can see in the 28mm section of this page.


Step 1: Skin

*For this tutorial we will use reference range of Model Color acrylics Vallejo.


  • We paint the entire surface with Orange Brown (70981).
  • Mix Orange Brown (70981) and Flat Flesh (70955) 1:1 and applied in most of the outstanding areas leaving the base color in deeper grooves.
  • Mix Flat Flesh (70955) and Pale Sand (70837) 1:1 and apply it to the outstanding areas letting see some of the color from the previous step.
  • We give a final touch with the brush tip with Pale Sand (70837) in the most prominent parts (nose, cheeks, chin, and knuckles).

For the eyes we paint in black across the surface of the eye, then paint with Ivory (70918) inside the eyes letting see black color of the previous step on the top of the eye. Finally paint a thin black stripe inside the eye.

Step 2: Jacket


  • Paint the Jacket and the shako feather with Flat Red (70957) and Black (73602) 1:1.
  • We add a first light with Flat Red (70957).
  • Last light with Vermillion (70909).

Step 3: Coat and Harnesses


  • Paint coat and straps with Neutral Grey (70992).
  • We add a first light with Sky Grey (70989) adding White (70951) to the mixture until the pure white. This step will be worth for the shako feather.
  • For the Coat we aplly two shades mixing Neutral Grey (70992) and White (70951) adding more white to the second light.

Step 4: Haversack and canteen


  • We’ll paint the bag with GlodBrown (70877).
  • Mix GoldBrown (70877) with Ivory (70918) and aplly several times adding more Ivory to the mix. And in the end we will highlight the Haversack directly with Pale Sand(70837).
  • Paint the canteen with Prussian Blue (70965) and give a couple of shades mixing this color with Ivory (70918).

Step 5: Musket , leather and metallic


  • Paint the wood of the Musket with a mixture of Flat Brown (70984) and Black (73602) 1:1 and the metal part with a mixture of Gunmetal Grey (70863) and Black (73602) in the same proportion.
  • For the first add Flat Brown (70984) for wood and Gunmetal Grey (70863) for the metal. We will be adding up Orange Brown (70981) and Silver (70997) respectively atthe end.
  • For the black leather of the backpack and shako apply one coat of Neutral Grey (70992) mixed with German Grey (70995) 1:2.
  • For the shako plate mix Bronze (70988) and Black (73602) 1:1, first light with Bronze (70988) and second light Gold (70996).

Step 6: Pants


  • Paint the pants with a mixture of Neutral Grey (70992) and German Grey (70995) 1:1.
  • Add more Neutral Grey (70992) to the mixture to start blending Neutral Grey (70992) with Ivory (70918) 1:1.
  • We will apply the last light in fine lines with Sky Grey (70989).

Step 7: Collar and sleeves


  • Finally paint the collar and sleeves with the regimental color chosen, in this case a pale yellow. First apply Flat Brown (70984).
  • First light with a mixture of Flat Brown (70984) and Deep Yellow (70915). Second light with Deep Yellow (70915); and finally Light Yellow (70949) directly.

That’s all, See you!

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