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Zombies Party!

24 January, 2014

Zombies Party!

New post on the blog to show you some of the most interesting conversions I’ve done lately. A good friend has sent me an old box of Citadel zombies in plastic which I wanto to assemble time ago. The box is quite complete and it was very fun to make these conversions. or me, Citadel miniatures have disproportionate hands and feet, not an issue when mounting zombies, where anything goes.


I have used entirely parts of the box. I have tried to get different expression to each zombie. To do this I had to cut and reposition hands and legs. And with putty I retouched some amputees limbs, chunks of hair and scalp, and filled all joints assembled parts.

This will be the first part of this work. There will be a second with the decoration of the bases and a third showing you the finished work of the zombies in the portfolio. Hope you like it, see you !

Gothic Archers 4th Century AD Hispanic – Corvus Belli
Gothic Archers 4th Century AD
Hispanic – Corvus Belli


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