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Egyptians – Essex Miniatures

Hello everyone. I bring you one of my latest works, an Egyptian army of Essex (http://www.essexminiatures.co.uk/) level wargame of painting. Essex is characterized by a wide range in 15mm and fairly comprehensive covering virtually every age. The variety of poses is varied, perhaps their sculptors abuse a little  of classical pose with open legs, but I recommend this brand by its price and wide range. You can see an example of his models in my portfolio on this link. See you!

Hispanic – Corvus Belli

New post to show you painted Hispanic army, level Wargame, of Corvus Belli (http://infinitythegame.com/store/es/), which now you know to be the creators of Infinity. At the beginning, the ancient range of this brand, very similar in proportion and details as Xyston (http://www.scotiagrendel.com/Xyston/) had a great impact. Personally, I think figures have a very good proportion, varied poses and very details. And the material is very good. Hope you enjoy them!

Gothic Archers 4th Century AD

Gothic Archers 4th Century AD In this post we will make a conversion starting from the Gauls archers of Warmodelling Miniatures to Gothic archers, as the warriors of late Germanic peoples who ravaged the Roman frontiers in the 4th Century AD. First file the head of the gaul archer by side diagonally, sharpening and shaping up. Then add a small ball of putty twin and we grit our side. We are going to shape the sides, adding volume. We practice a small tip cutting, and the cut portion is folded over itself. Using a scalpel or chisel give volume modeling and simulate the folds of a gothic style hat as we see in the artwork we can find . And here the final result, now we have our Gothic archers prepared for attack the Roman frontiers ... See you !  

Arqueros Hispanos

1-Conversiones en 15mm. We continue with another post in our blog. In this case we solve the problem of a client who needed to add archers to his Hispanic army of Numancia to fend off the siege of Scipio in October 134 BC. We have on our disposal the following Warmodelling Miniatures figures: Gauls archers and Balearic slingers. With these two types of figures will make up Hispanics archers using the body of slingers, more corde with the age we want to represent, and the poses and bows of the Gauls. In this first conversión we cut off the arm with the bow of the Gaul archer, and the same arm with the sling of this slinger using the clamp and a metal saw. We cut off the area so that there is no rest. Then slowly will double left arm over his shoulder simulating the action of releasing the bowstring. With a modeling drill we make a hole in the right arm to fit the arm of the Gaul archer, previously we will file at its end making a peak to be anchored better. The next step is to glue with cyanoacrylate bow arm into the hole we practiced with drill. And with putty mold it a quiver of arrows on the belt of the miniature. For this second conversion we cut the bow of the Gaul and filing the remains metal. On the slinger we have placed a portion of the arc, and the rest have molded with putty out over his arm, simulating the action of draw a bow. And we re-shape a quiver of arrows on the waist. And this is the final result: Here you can see the rest of conversions that have been made very similarly. In some cases we used a Gaul archer, with putty we have subsequently transformed hair and painted similar to the rest of the models. This make tha it fit perfectly into the unit we want to represent. As you can see, an easy way to customize each figure and create figure that maybe we do not have right now or our manufacturer has not available. See you!

Fotografía: Carlos Fernández
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