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1st Battalion, 6th Regiment de Ligne – Xan Miniatures

22 October, 2013


I wanted to represent a french battalion of line infantry, the heart of Napoleon’s army. French line infantry was created with the intention of Napoleon to form a structure of permanent corps, a kind of army in miniature with a particular structure and supplemented with cavalry and artillery. This structure remains almost unchanged in the armies of today.

In combat the behavior of the infantry regiments combined two basic options, some commanders preferred form his infantry in line, according with the classic combat model of the time, giving importance to the battle to the musket fire, organized in two or three rows. Others choose to attack in the famous French column that while reducing the effect of musketry fire, gives greater mobility and penetration power in infantry charges.

In 1809 all battalions of French line infantry had four center companies formed by riflemen and two elite companies, one of Voltigeurs or shooters, and other of grenadiers. These were agile men of small stature, trained to the skirmish, climbing, urban combat and scout. Skilled in accurate shot and quick recharge, were the equivalent of the British Rifles. They were expected to be able to trot march during their movements in battle. Unlike grenadiers their average height was 1.59 m. Because of their small stature they were provided with arms shorter and lighter, looking for a shortened version of the line infantry.

The grenadiers were the other elite company line infantry. They are the strongest and bravest men selected for military veterans. They are an example of good conduct and subordination. His height was 1.74 m averaged, one of the largest in the infantry at the time. In terms of appearance, had a tremendous show, with mustaches, red epaulettes and bearskin high hats.


  • 15mm Scale white metal.
  • Miniaturess of Xan Miniatures (http://www.xanminiatures.com/). Napoleónic 15mm – Line Infantry, Line Batalion A. Reference BF1.



The figures are not based on the traditional way. They have put in a large scenic base decorated with Vandal and painted with Mournfang brown, on which has given a drybrush of Balor Brown (both of Citadel), and finally a dry brush of Pale Sand (70.837) of Vallejo. I added molded stones and real stones of various scales, painted in shades of gray.

As vegetation I added a mixture of Grenn Grass T45 and T44 Burnt Grass of Woodland Scenics (http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/). Added Highland tuft and  Swamp tuft of The Army Painter (http://www.thearmypainter.com/) and Flock Blend Dark Conifer of Gale Force nine (http://www.gf9.com/).

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