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28th Reg. on foot, Quatre Bras, 1815 – Perry Miniatures & Victrix Miniatures

24 July, 2013


28th08The Battle of Quatre Bras takes place on June 16, 1815 and faced part of the Anglo-Belgian army with the left wing of the French army two days before the battle of Waterloo. Allied troops had orders to leave the crossing of Quatre Bras, but that would have left unprotected this strategic point. Break this order originated a confrontation which was an event portrayed beautifully in the painting of Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler: The 28th Regiment at Quatre Bras.

The protagonist of this was the first battalion of the 28th British infantry regiment belonging to the 5th Division under the command of General Picton. This division comes as reinforcements two hours later. The picture portray a corner of a infantry square of the 28th infantry regiment at the time they formed to reject the last attempt of Marshal Ney to break enemy lines.

The 8th and 11th Regiment of cuirassiers under General Kellerman and the 5th and 6th Regiment of lancers “chevaux-legers” under the command of General Piré begun a charche that drives away the 5th Hanoverian brigade of Colonel Von Vincke, but the thin red line of British regiments, including the 28th, stood firm and refuses to load ending hopes of Ney.

As a curiosity it is noteworthy that in the piece of Lady Butler, infantry uniformity is erroneous as the 28th Infantry still kept the classic shako type stovepipe, not the typical Belgian shako of the british troops in the campaign of 100 days, but the artist was documented with widespread uniformity information of British troops in that period.


  • 28mm scale plastic multicomponent.
  • Victrix Miniatures (http://www.victrixlimited.com/). 28mm Napoleonics Boxed Sets. Reference VX0001 Waterloo British Infantry Centre Companies.
  • Perry Miniatures (http://www.perry-miniatures.com/). Plastic-Box sets ranges. Reference BH1 Plastic Napoleonic British Line Infantry.

For this diormama I used Perry and Victrix miniatures, from its plastic Napoleonic range. It allowed me to perform all necessary conversions to resemble the diorama poses. Combining the pieces of the two brands have been able to made kneeling soldiers, fusiliers and commanding officers.. I have included details like impacts musket in the canteens, knapsacks and shakos of some soldiers and other supplies.


The flags are printed and repainted to resemble the color to the rest of the work.


The base is made ??with a mixture of relief Vandal and putty, and put various rocks molded with putty. All have been coated with and average vegetation simulated the original battle field. Vegetation used:

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