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7th Armoured Division 1st Battalion The Rifle Brigade – Battlefront Miniatures

5 August, 2013


After the landings in Normandy the Allied forces entered France to the city of Caen. His objective was to take the city from the north shore of the river Orne. However it was not easy, and up to four offensives were carried out to achieve the objective. The British 7th Armoured Division, after his participción in Egypt, took part in the landings, and along with the Armored Division of the Irish Guards and the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division circled the Caen left flank facing the 1st and 12th SS Panzer Division at the south of the city.

This fourth offensive was called Operation Goodwood, and became one of the largest armored operations of World War II. The 1st and the 8th Battalion Rifles took part in the offensive in support of the armoured units. The 1st Battalion fought across France, Belgium and Holland, honoring their origins as one of the most famous regiments of the British army in all his military history.


  • 15mm scale white metal.
  • Battlefront Miniatures (http://www.flamesofwar.com/). of its range Flames of war – British Army. Reference BBX11 British Rifle Company.



Has been applied a thin layer of embossed Vandal painted later. The walls of the buildings have been made with three sheets of cardboard. On the outer sheet I cut out a portion simulating the fall of part of the coating. With a hand drill I made bullet holes were subsequently reworked with modeling knife. The wall papers are reduced images of original papers and printed in color, like planes, which are original planes of in 1944. Trees are wood sticks with glued vegetation. The camouflage net is made ??from surgical gauze submerged in green-tinted glue, after drying they have stuck some leaves. The vegetation used:

Fotografía: Carlos Fernández
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