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Imperial General – Citadel Miniatures

1 August, 2013


This model is intended to be a Renaissance generally, with touches of fantasy, as an excuse to assemble and customize a Citadel miniature with a variety of accessories in plastic.


  • 28mm scale multicomponent hard plastic.
  • Citadel miniature from Warhammer Fantasy  (http://www.games-workshop.com/). Empire Range. Reference General of the Empire.

The range of accessories makes it difficult to decide and in the end I opted for the option of cavalry lance up that blends perfectly with the pose of the rampant horse. To make him look a little rough, I went to my box of leftover and added a coat with animal skin on the top and a skull at the bottom. The shield is not the original, and has notched to simulate continuous use. I have also added a prayer seal with putty. In addition to the lance, the rider carries a sword and a warhammer as other weapons.

With respect to the horse, on the right side I added a piece of plastic cut and shaped in part with putty to give it movement in line with the position and the pose of the model. This piece is intended to be a extra leather protection in adittion to the metal armor. The same goes with the animal skin on the back, which appears torn, giving the feeling that it have already participated in several encounters with the enemy.


I chose a raw white and purple red. These colors contrast well with each other, give the feeling of used cloths, and are more realistic than classic white and red.It has been applied a light satin varnish to the black horse armor. The rest of the model have two layers of matt varnish.


The base is a thin layer of embossed Vandal painted and added vegetation below:1

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