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Iberian Warrior 125 BC – Andrea Miniatures

24 April, 2013


Model representing a Iberian Warrior around 125 AD. Light troops, whose protection was formed by a circular shield or caetra. Breastplate that protected the chest and back of the warrior and a wide belt to protect the womb, greaves and a helmet with a typical horsehair on the top. As offensive weapons we see a double-headed spear and a Falcata. Whose manufacturing process was specific. Leaving oxidize the iron to obtain its purest core which gave a greater hardness. Giving then the curvature depended on the size of the arm of the warrior.




I have painted the original miniature base and decorated with vegetation:

Tercio of Spinola – Essex Miniatures
Tercio of Spinola – Essex Miniatures

Fotografía: Carlos Fernández
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