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Imperial Light Cavalry- Citadel Miniatures

18 September, 2013


These Imperial Figures of Scouts of Citadel Miniatures up a multi-part plastic kit that allows many conversions and reach a high level of customization. Pretended to give a sense of movement to this small unit like they are charching, trying to break the flank of an enemy undiad opening fire with all its fire weapons. This unit intended to represent a group of renaissance scouts with a commanding officer. Firearms are simple, single shot, so carry several holsters on their saddles. As secondary weapons they carry swords and hammers to tricky situations.


  •  28mm scale hard plastic multicomponent.
  • Citadel Miniatures. Warhammer Fantasy (http://www.games-workshop.com/). Empire Range. Reference Imperial Scouts/Pistoliers.



The based of each model is made with a thin layer of embossed Vandal subsequently painted. Some rocks are molded with putty and applied the vegetation following:

Fotografía: Carlos Fernández
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