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King’s German Legion – Campaign Game Miniatures

20 January, 2014


The King’s German Legion or KGL was a British unit composed of exiled German soldiers which was active between 1803 and 1816, actively participating in major conflicts against France in the German states. This unit was formed mainly by officers and soldiers of the army of the Electorate of Hanover, dissolved by Napoleon after the Convention of Elba on June 5, 1803, who were exiled in England because of their affinity with their monarch, George III, who held the title of Prince of Hannover .

Initially an army corp of light infantry called “German Regiment of the King” on October 19, 1083 was created, and later a complete army copr was formed: cavalry, with two regiments of Dragoons and three of hussars, two battalions of light infantry and eight of line infantry, two horse artillery batteries and three on foot, and a battalion of engineers.

Had outstanding participation in the Peninsular War, first under Sir John Moore in the famous retreat to Corunna, and subsequently under the orders of the Duke of Wellington, including the battles of Bussaco, La Barrosa, Fuentes de Onoro, The Albuera, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, Garcia Hernandez, Burgos, Venta del Pozo, Vitoria, San Sebastian, Nivelle and Sicily. In the Battle of Garcia Hernandez Dragons performed the unusual feat of breaking two French formations in box in few minutes.

At the Battle of Waterloo, the second battalion of light infantry and the fifth of line infantry, heroically defended the famous cottage and annex path in “La Haye Sainte” for six long hours.

The unit was known for its excellent discipline, and was considered one of the best and most professional, especially cavalry. After Waterloo Hannover, was refounded in 1816 and the Legion was disolved, and some officers and soldiers were integrated into the new army of Hanover.


  • 15mm Scale white metal.
  • Miniaturess of Campaign Game Miniatures (http://www.campaign-game-miniatures.com/). Napoleónics 15mm – Ref. 16BW004 – British / KGL Line Infantry Marching Covered Shako.



The figures are not based on the traditional way. They have put in a large scenic base decorated with Vandal and painted with Mournfang brown, on which has given a drybrush of Balor Brown (both of Citadel), and finally a dry brush of Pale Sand (70.837) of Vallejo. I added molded stones and real stones of various scales, painted in shades of gray.

As vegetation I added a mixture of Grenn Grass T45 and T44 Burnt Grass of Woodland Scenics (http://woodlandscenics.woodlandscenics.com/). Added Highland tuft and  Swamp tuft of The Army Painter (http://www.thearmypainter.com/) and Flock Blend Dark Conifer of Gale Force nine (http://www.gf9.com/).

Splintered Light Miniatures
Splintered Light Miniatures
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