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Prince Rupert of the Palatine – Warlord Games Pike & Shotte Miniatures

31 May, 2013


PR01Prince Rupert of the Palatinate was a very interesting character, not only militarily but the diversity of their actions. He was a cavalry officer, admiral, scientist, sportsman, had relevance in colonies being governor, and even amateur artist. During the Thirty Years War took part from the Prince of Orange to the beginning of the English Civil War, where he went to help his uncle, Charles I of England who puts hime on charge of the Royal Cavalry. As a cavalry officer garnered many successes.

During this conflict his legend grew between parlamentarians as a possessed character, as the bloody practices that brought from the war in Europeñ This was not well regarded in England for either sides. Always rode with his dog Boye, to which magical powers. This led to say of him was a sorcerer, and his dog was his familiar. Largely due to parliamentary propaganda.


  • 28mm scale white metal.
  • Warlod Games  Miniatures (http://www.warlordgames.com). Range Pike & Shotte. Reference WGP-EC-26 Prince Rupert of the Rhine.


Many of the armor of this period were black metal, but when it was painted, we can produce an effect too dark to misrepresent the metal. The armor was painted in Gunmetal Grey (70863-179) from Vallejo Model COlor with black 1:1 and applied several washes from Wash for Nato camo vehicles from AK Interactive (http://www.ak-interactive.com) let dry between coats to go dark metal pieces. At the end edges are highlighted with  directly Gunmetal Grey in thin brush strokes.


The base was decorated simulated mud, I have not used pigments because it was a improvised work, mixing vandal and water effect, previously created a base stones coated with putti to simulate the effect of footprints in the mud. Vegetation used:

Highland tuft – The Army Painter (http://www.thearmypainter.com/)
Swamp tuft – The Army Painter (http://www.thearmypainter.com/)
Ciump Foliage Olive Green (FC134) – Woodland Scenics (http://woodlandscenics.com/)

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