Policromado Derfel miniature painting service

Painting service

1 What are you hiring

The miniature painting service of Policromado Derfel guarantees unbeatable quality. From previous documentation process, the different painting qualities, to the finish work; all chosen by the customer. All within a very reasonable deadline. We have a wide information on military history and painting guides from all times for any questions you may have or any advice you need when you place a order.

The exclusive and personalized service begins with the opening of a communication channel with the client from requesting a prior estimate. Fill the form in the section Orders and we will contact you quickly. As soon as we receive your request we will send you a budget and a estimated deadline.

2 Miniatures previous prepared

The service included at no extra cost a previous prepared consisting of:

  • Conditioning the correct posture of the miniature.
  • Priming of the miniatures. It will be in the customer desired color (black or white).


For infantry and cavalry units we will take special care to assemble the miniatures so that do not disturb each other giving an image of correct cohesion.

Budgetable extra options:

  • Exhaustive filing of the miniature mold imperfections, both plastic and metal.
  • Clamps and assembly on the miniature, and anchoring of the different parts using bolts system, safe and reliable. Just as the repair and reconstruction of  damaged or altered parts of zones using double conponente putty.
  • Specific decoration of the bases or pedestals. Depending on the necessary materials desired by the customer.
  • Any kind of conversions. Depending on what the customer desired, we detail in the budget a total for conversions. We have wide experience in conversions and  adaptation of miniatures in various scales, ask us what you want and you will receive advice.

If you’re looking for a diorama to decorate your room or for an event or exhibition please contact us. In addition to advise on the scale, we can give you ideas on the composition depending on the age you want to represent.

3 Based

If the customer requests it, we will bases the miniatures. We have a wide variety of decorative elements for bases. We also give advice on the color, scale and the age in which is set the miniature. Or you will specify the desired based on the order form, so we can give you a correct quote. Here are some examples, but you can send your own material and your own ideas.


4 Quality and finishing

The quality of the painting is dictated by the client. We mainly have two groups, painted to wargame and painted to collector. Between these two level concepts you can especify more.




5 Finish the work

When the work is over and before the based, all the miniatures have two layers of matt varnish at no extra cost to the customer, waiting a minimum of 6 hours between applying the layers.
After the coating process, we will send to the customer many high quality photographs for his approval and to maintain a record of each customer work.

6 Delivery

It depends on how many miniatures you order to paint and th level of painting you choose. So as requested extras if any (conversions, assembly, etc..)
If the customer wishes we will send photographs of the painting process or conversions to always know the status.

7 Payment

Once we contact you to advice that the order is finished, you will decide the easier tmethod of payment. Payment may be made by paypal or bank deposit account. The total must include shipping costs that will be detailed before the work is over.

8 Shipping

After the work is fully completed We will send the miniatures in reinforced cardboard boxes, packaging each base individually with bubble wrap vertically and horizontally. Each base will fit properly so that no part of the miniature suffer any damage. Delivery will be made by the method chosen by the customer.

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