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French Indian War 1754-1763 Warlord Games – Conquest Miniatures

French Indian War 1754-1763 Warlord Games - Conquest Miniatures I 've got some interesting news presented by Conquest Miniatures for wargame Warlord Games Black Powder on a wartime no less interesting. This is the French and Indian War that took place between 1754 and 1763. This conflict refers to the two main enemies of the British in North America within the framework of the Seven Years' War: France and the various Native American tribes. Also known as the War of the Conquest of Canada. Due to tensions between the two empires (French and British) and their expansionist aims in the territories of the new world, this war breaks out. Both sides took advantage of the differences between Native American tribes, which took part on one side or another depending on the protection or benefits they could get over their rival tribes. It is a very interesting period which mix war tactics of old Europe in hostile terrain, very different from what were used by French and English troops, with guerrilla tactics and fighting used by Native Americans, adapted to the forest and night raids. This is the exciting time of the adventurers, creating elite units scouts and snipers, militias of the colonies, indian scouts, the danger of the savage natives, the promise of large areas of virgin and rich land and as a backdrop, the interests of the two great powers of the time. Warlord Miniatures & Conquest Games have this wide range of boxes in 28mm scale metal miniatures very interesting to represent this conflict. Whether for collectors or wargamers. In this link you can take a look at the news. Compagnie franches de la marine, British Regular and French Regular. They also have a box that contains a group of Native Americans that are awesone. Highlight the box of Compagnie franches de la marine. This troop was created during the reign of Louis XIII, by his Minister of Marine, Cardinal Richelieu. It was created specifically to protect French interests both at sea and outside European borders. They protected French ports, served on warships, and then were sent as garrison troops to North America and the Caribbean. During the French and Indian War combat these companies noted for Indian style, influenced by the growing number of Canadian officers and the years of conflict with the Indians. Learned guerrilla tactics by skirmishes and tear, unknown methods in Europe, but essential for survival in the new territories. They became formidable opponents respected by both Native Americans and British troops. Not rule out getting a set of the above to represent a scene in the woods of New France, like "The Last of the Mohicans" where Europeans soldiers fight with Native Americans, with the skin painted and the fearsome weapons that terrorized the disciplined troops from Europe. Finally I highly recommend the new plastic miniatures box of Perry Miniatures 28mm scale: American War of Independence British Infantry 1775-1783. Although not framed within the same period, but if it can be interesting to perform some conversion or complete with accessories the metal miniatures from above. That's all ... see you !

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